Vulnerability is my drug of choice. 

My name is Dylan Mondschein. I'm a twenty year old Jewish girl from New Jersey, raised by New Yorkers, living in Los Angeles. I am a visual artist and writer attending University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts for Film and TV Production.

My work is marked by an ache to connect. My artwork and photographs are often snapshots of strangers-turned-friends who I meet in new cities, bar counters, or on the street. My writing aims for honesty, eliciting occasional discomfort, but also, trust. My films take on the qualities of both of these mediums, often incorporated with experimental elements. 

My search for reciprocity and connection results in a resounding mantra:

you live alone                                                                                                you die alone                                                                                                                   so you need to make friends with yourself.                                                                           





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